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marmore falls Alviano oasi
Marmore Falls - Terni
Marmore falls are the most important attraction of this area. With its three-jump drop of 540 feet, it is the highest waterfall in Europe. It was artificially created by the Roman consul Manius Curius Dentatus in 271 AC.

Alviano oasis
Alviano oasis is a protected area which is run by the WWF and which is very rich in flora and marsh fauna. It is an important shelter for migratory birds. The oasis boasts well equipped paths for walking, spots which are especially designed for bird watching and an audio-visual record office.

Preserving nature

The protection of the environment is one of the major concerns of local institutions and also the most efficient way to respect such a rich nature. That is why Alviano oasis and several parks that cover a wide section of the province were created.

The parks

There are two regional parks: the Nera fluvial park and the Tevere fluvial park, the former stretching along the Nera valley, from Ferentillo to Marmore waterfall, the latter covering the area that, from Todi, extends as far as Alviano oasis.
But there are other parks as well: Villalba park and Selva di Meana park in the Allerona-Fabro area, the Elmo park, Mount Melonta park and Sette Frati park which is set on Mount Peglia.

Some more nature

Valleys, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, lush woodland along with hundreds of vineyards and olive groves make this land exciting and relaxing at the same time, since the gentleness of certain landscapes alternates with the wildness of some others.

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