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Ditt, Integrated Tourist District in the province of Terni, is a syndicated corporation composed of public and private elements, to encourage the qualification and the development of local tourism facilities.

The public system is a component part of the Province, City, Chamber of Commerce, and Mountain Area Government; and the private system as providers of hotel and other accommodations, tourist services and all the relative Associations of the Province, of agriculture and craftsmen, of commerce, cooperation and industry.

Ditt handles tourist promotion for the area of Terni Province, aimed at commercialising tourist products of associated members, placing I synergy the objectives of the public and private interests.

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Piazzale Felice Fatati 6 - Collestatte Piano Terni - Italy - T.+39 0744 431949 - F.+39 0744 449430 - P.IVA 01247060559